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Herodsfoot News Spring 06

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First of all it is good to welcome Richard Stranack as our Benefice House-for-Duty priest and also his wife Penny; his Licensing, by Bishop Bill, was a lovely evening at St Cuby's on February 27th, with a good number of his previous parishioners from Stratton and Launcells making the journey to be here with us for the Service and the Supper afterwards in the School - a chance for them to warm up before their journey back to N. Cornwall. We hope that Richard and Penny will both be very happy among us.

It has been a difficult winter for All Saints and thanks must go to the officers and PCC members who have made great efforts to keep things going, and also to those Parishioners/Church members who have loyally continued to come to Services through thick and thin, at times accepting lay-led Services, both after Gill's retirement and also at times while she was struggling manfully (womanfully?), as Rural Dean and after Christopher's departure last March, to keep so many Churches going in Interregnum. The amount we owe her is enormous and we hope that she can now have a real rest. A card from New Zealand tells us that the digital camera, bought with All Saints presentation cheque, has been in use every day of her trip.

Over the past 6 months the Church has, unfortunately, been back to damp and cold (we thought we had got through all that after the wall restoration work!) However, with the dreadful weather at the start of the roof work in October, and therefore the amount of rain that penetrated the tarpaulins, as well as all the dust and dirt, it became a considerable fortnightly job to try to clean up and dry out the Church as much as possible for Services. The men worked splendidly and tirelessly in all weathers to get the work done, but perhaps DEFRA should look again at a bat policy which can make it so difficult to keep Services, or anything else, going during re-roofing, by insisting that the work be done in the autumn/winter instead of in the summer, where parishes, and indeed villages, such as ours, have nowhere else under cover where they can meet for anything at all (and that comes from. a committed conservationist!). Thankfully we are now getting back to a dry church, hopefully permanently, with the work pretty well completed, apart from `cosmetic' work inside, which may have to wait for a while. Enough extra money has been found however, to restore the large east window while the scaffolding was still in place. It has not be easy to keep up numbers at Services, and sadly we seem to be no closer to achieving nearer-to-the-church parking and therefore better access, when people are, understandably, nervous of our dark, steep and winding lanes. We owe considerable thanks to Joe and Mary Mandl for their kindness over parking as well as over our August Fete each year.

Our new Treasurer, together with Deputy Treasurer (also our Secretary!) have been doing a splendid job in coping with All Saints finances, as too has our Friends Treasurer with the Repair and Restoration budget, together with your Grant-raiser and Clerk of Works (again also our Secretary). We are grateful to those who supported our All Saints Patronal Gift Day in November. A number of us of all ages enjoyed meeting up that day on the Green for various refreshments, but were very glad of the shelter provided for us by Chris and Julia's pavilion, and to those who helped put it up and also dismantle it.

Earlier, in October the Harvest Festival, Supper and Auction were, as always, very special - even more so this year with the Bishop of St Germans with us, and his address was greatly appreciated, particularly by the farmers. How good it is to have a full Church and the atmosphere in All Saints is wonderful. The November 11 +h mid-week Remembrance Service on the Green, and the Remembrance Song-of-Praise were taken by Sally and Martin respectively, Gill not being available; blustery but dry weather on the Green this year, and a number of people unable to get to the Church come to that Service.

Our one-in-twelve-finalist's place in the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group's competition in the was the Christmas Morning Service, with Diane Beckett coping with the other damp organ, so those two lovely Services had their poignant moments, as too did a very happy Lunch Party in January after a Joint Benefice Service in St Cuby's. St Pinnock's Carol Service in early January was the last regular Service in that Church before it closed. However, everyone there made it a`Celebration of Mission Accomplished' - it could so easily be any other Church in the same position.
Thanks to those who have again helped All Saints during Interregnum to keep up its' variety of Services. Both Kathryn Hill and David Phillips gave us lovely Services; your the Churchwardens stood in for Martin, as Worship Leader, for the January Family Service, and with the help of Noreen, it had a particularly Mozart flavour, inspired by the Radio 4 New Year worship, and also, the Cathedral's Celebration of the start of Mozart's Anniversary Year, plenty of action had been planned for youngsters with both hymns and readings if we had had any there but that didn't happen. News of, and greetings from, the Molton Family were passed on - now at their Headquarters at Bulstrode in Hertfordshire, and we also had Christmas and New Year greetings from Bryan and Joan Barnes, David and Liz Storey in Scotland, and Bill Braviner and Family, back in their home Parish in Co Durham. Happily Martin was back with us to take his candlelit Taize Service in February - another special evening and thanks to the Willmott family of Morval for coming to help with it.

All Saints AGM will be in the Church on Tuesday 4m April at 7pm, followed immediately, as usual, by the Friends of All Saints and Village Meeting. All Saints would get nowhere without all its, Friends, so do come, to bring up any Church, Parish or Village matter. As many of you know from last year's AGM, Bill and I are having to ease off somewhat, due to age and also we badly need some time for our home and garden. Our Secretary Is due to retire at the AGM, although he will keep on for a while his Deputy Treasurer's hat, and also that with the Friends of All Saints Repair and Restoration work through to the end of the project. The Secretary's job will now revert to a normal PCC Secretary's job of receiving and dealing with correspondence, and also with Minutes at meetings. The Parish also needs to think about a replacement Churchwarden for me (Sally). I have nearly reached the advisory 6 year duration for a churchwarden since I took over as stand-in Churchwarden to support Vernon in October 2000. Also needed is a brass cleaner to replace Beatrice, who has done the job faithfully for so long - perhaps to be done once a month or so.

The 1930/40's Music Concert, which we thought would have to be in March, due to a later spell in hospital by one of the performers, and also other commitments, will now be able to be in the summer with lighter evenings, with a date to be finalised later.

Our regular Services continue as usual:

Second Sunday In month - 6.30 - Alternate Song-of-Praise and Evensong

Fourth Sunday in the month -11 am - Alternate Family Service/Communion and Eucharist.

Sunday 26th March -11 am - Mothering Sunday Family Service

Tuesday 4th April 7.OOpm - All Saints AGM - followed by Friends of All Saints and Village Meeting

Friday 14th April 2.OOpm - 3.OOpm Good Friday Vigil

Sunday 16th April - 11 am Easter Sunday Service

Easter Decorating will be on Easter Saturday whenever anyone can get there - it would be lovely to have some primroses or other posies from the children, either on Saturday or at the Service on Sunday. Small Easter eggs will feature as usual.

Saturday 29th July Ram Roast ( Provisionally )

Saturday 12th August Church Fete

Sunday 3rd September Hymn Singing on the Green( provisionally)


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