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Herodsfoot News Autumn 05

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As some of you will already know, All Saints is one of twelve National Finalists in the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group's 2005 competition. This year's competition is titled 'Building your Church for the Future', and this includes making use of church buildings for a variety of uses as well as for Services; promoting better awareness of how church buildings contribute to the community; and also involving the community as a whole in activities, and in maintenance, fund-raising and the future of its church building. Our entry covered the past seven years, since 1999, from the start of our Repair and Restoration programme, when the Church had become almost unusable through damp and rain penetration. The then PCC decided that, as the only-remaining community building in the village and parish, general community use of the Church, together with Services, would be the basis for which grants should be applied. Since then All Saints' future has been dependent on all of you, and this concept of greater community use of churches is now Diocesan and general Church of England policy.

As finalists we are alongside, and competing with, eleven other churches of very diverse sizes and locations, varying from central Birmingham and Ripon, to very rural churches such as ours. The final winners will be announced at a Presentation at Windsor Castle on 17th November, and all twelve finalists will be featured in the Ecclesiastical Ins. Group's 2006 Calendar, as well as receiving a cash prize. Well done everyone - both Herodsfoot parishioners and friends from elsewhere. As a Finalist we have already received congratulatory messages from Archdeacon Clive Cohen on behalf of the Diocese, as well as in the Diocesan Bulletin and in the Coracle; also from several other churches, as well as Gill's entry in the Benefice Service sheet, and reports in several local papers.

Christian principles are a way of life for many people other than regular churchgoers, as is proved so often in this Parish. The Vicar of a North Devon Church where we were attending a christening came out with the remark that 'sadly it is often the pillars of the Church who are standing across the door stopping others from coming in' - metaphorically of course, and we hope and like to think that isn't the case at Herodsfoot, but we all need to remember that. However, to retain Diocesan support for the future of our Church, we do have to keep up a reasonable average attendance at Services (not usually difficult for special services, but not so easy for regular fortnightly services, with such a small number in the Parish, and also our challenging access) as well as keeping up our yearly Common Fund payments to the Diocese, who themselves, with a lack of endowments, are having great difficulty in obtaining and sustaining enough clergy to cover all their churches. Clergy are also at times under great pressure trying to spread themselves very thinly over a number of parishes, and often with a Diocesan job to do as well. We continue to point out to the Diocese the considerable achievements of this small parish, which they already know and recognise, and we still wait to see what arrangements they make for us after Gill retires in January.

We have an active and, now, a 'comparatively young' PCC, and Martin, our Organist, does wonders for us as well as for his own Church, but he can't manage Sunday afternoons, so Noreen Grenville has kindly said that she will try and help us again this winter, and we hope to have at least two services at 4pm instead of 6.30pm. Watch the church and village notice boards. We do apologise for the occasions that the Cornish Times get Service times wrong. They get them clearly set out from us. Mary and Joe Mandl are so good about allowing those who can't manage the car park hill to park in the Old Vicarage Drive.

Now a look at the particular successes of the past six months, a highlight of which has been the Joint Benefice Flower Festival, held in May, in St Cuby's for reasons of space and parking etc., but suggested and led by Herodsfoot PCC members, Trixie and Ian Gordon and Ann Bray. They, backed up by members from the other Benefice churches, and of course by their gifted flower arrangers, did a wonderful job, as also with the refreshments, and all of us who helped in any way, as well as I think all who attended, enjoyed it all greatly. 1,519 was raised for each of the three churches involved, as well as 500 each for the two local schools - Duloe and Trenode. (SEE FOOTNOTE ERRATUM) Trixie has agreed to take over next year in charge of flowers at All Saints, and I know that the flowers arrangers will be as loyal to her as they have been to me (Sally), for which I do thank them.

The Ram Roast and Duck Race in July was again very successful and enjoyable, thanks again particularly to the Kastelans and Brian Pitts generously providing the meats and so much else; also to the wonderful cover of the gazebos rigged up on the Green against a fairly doubtful evening weatherwise, as well as to the efforts of too many people to mention individually. All Saints benefited to the sum of 974. The Village Bash in June was another much enjoyed evening on the Green, again as much by visitors as by villagers.

For the first time for years the weather wasn't kind to us for the Church Fete in August, and we weren't able too have it in the Old Vicarage Garden. However, with the extra space we now have inside, and with some ingenuity and general goodwill, the Church coped incredibly well with almost everything we normally have. The wet morning and downpour just before opening inevitably cut down numbers attending, but again it was a very successful and happy occasion, with better weather during the afternoon allowing most people to do several circuits, in at the main door and through the stalls and games etc, out at the top door, through the Flower stall under a gazebo, and back in through the main door for tea and another browse around. Both locals and visitors, some from quite distant parts, said how wonderful they thought it all was, with almost ^900 being raised. Anita Bishop was an admirable Opener, standing in for her grandparents, Ron and Vera Sandercock, as Ron was in hospital - everyone's best wishes were sent to him.

At the Churchyard Maintenance Day at the end of August, five people made pretty good progress with the September `taming' of the Living Churchyard. Everyone worked extremely hard that day, but we do need all the offers of help we can get at this time of year - there is still quite a bit of hedging needed for instance.

Three from Herodsfoot, Anita Bishop, Cathy Gough and Bill Hall, were sponsored for, and completed, the Cornwall Historic Churches Trust Walk from St Pinnock to Morval, with five other Benefice members and in spite of heavy rain; they were sustained at Herodsfoot by three of us serving them with refreshments, as well as doing other jobs around the Church. The Herodsfoot walkers raised ^241, half of which goes to the CHCT and half to All Saints. The weather the following day was still doubtful, and so Hymn Singing on the Green became Hymn Singing in the Ingram's barn, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, including the children, who chose a number of hymn challenges for Martin to play, and who all helped. Even refreshment facilities were provided in Barry's workshop. Thank you so much Barry and Brenda, and to all who helped in so many ways as usual, including Gill and Martin of course.

It has been good to see Bryan and Joan Barnes back here, even for such a short time. They managed to see a good many friends, some of whom were able to join them for tea at The White House. They send their love to all who weren't able to come and see them.

Our very beast wishes go to Colin and Kerry Rollings who were married at All Saints this last Saturday (1 7th) on a beautiful late summer's day.

Harvest Festival, with the usual Faith Supper and Auction afterwards, will be on Sunday 2nd October, when the Bishop of St Germans will be with us this year. Decorating the Church will be on Saturday 1 St for anyone who can come - it is always lovely to have children to help with it. Please spread the word as much as possible. Just afterwards, DEFRA and bats permitting, work should start on the Church roof, to complete the R. and R. programme.

The Autumn programme has still to be finalised at the PCC. However - so far:

Sunday 2nd October 6.30pm Harvest Festival with Faith Supper and Auction of Produce afterwards.

Sunday 6th November (provisionally) All Saints Patronal Gift Day on the Green, 10.00am to 4.OOpm

Friday 11th November 10.45am Remembrance on the Green

Saturday 24th December 6.OOpm Carol Service

We also hope to have the Carol Singing around the village again this year.


Unfortunately a mistake was made in the Newsletter. All the money raised at the Joint Benefice Flower Festival was in fact divided entirely between the three Churches involved -1l 519 to each. The mistake was mine for which I do apologise.
Sally Hall


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