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Herodsfoot Autumn 03

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hfnewsletter 203
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As always its been a busy summer, with the Reflections Concert, Ram Roast and Duck Race, Fete, Historic Churches Sponsorship Day, Hymn-singing on the Green, and most recently our Harvest Festival, Supper and Auction all coming within the three months from July to September. All have been extremely successful and enjoyable, all have brought a number of visitors as well as parishioners, and they have contributed wonderfully to the Repair and Restoration and General Church Funds, the Fete particularly having been in really lovely weather. The value of the now completed servery and extra space at the back of the church has been very apparent, together with the new chairs and a much improved chemical loo, all thanks to Awards for All.

It has been a great pleasure to welcome Christopher Newell as our Priest-in-charge to join Curate Gill. There have been sadnesses too, particularly in the death of Luke Underwood, our non-stipendiary priest-in- charge from 1985 - 1989 who did so much for the parish then and subsequently; and we shall greatly miss Sybil Pomeroy who was born and spent her childhood holidays at her grandparents home in Herodsfoot and who dearly loved it as we loved her. Win and Vernon Williams have been very much in our thoughts since Win's severe illness; at least she is now back in Liskeard, at Lamellion, saving Vernon the long daily journey to Plymouth and making it easier for friends to visit her. It has been sad to say goodbye to the Molton family after their year of home leave spent among us and their contribution to our church as well as their own. However a long newsletter has been received from them in Senegal and is being circulated and a reply has been sent. And it is so nice to welcome new residents to the parish, both in the village itself and in the `hamlet' at Coombe Farm, after saying good-bye to the Trevelyan family there.

As you will see support for special services and for social and fund-raising events, in order to repair, and to retain All Saints as a parish and community focus, is as strong as ever. It is more difficult however to keep up numbers at our regular and traditional services, which of course we must do if we are to keep the church and church management going. At Herodsfoot there are particular problems of course, apart from the very small numbers in the parish, a main one being our hilly and not very easy access, especially in winter. We are trying to do what we can in and around the approaches to the church, and are trying to achieve a parking - cum - passing place near the church gate but there are difficulties about this.

It is basically for access reasons on dark and wintry evenings, and therefore attendance reasons too, that there will, over the winter months, be two services a month in the church instead of four as through the Summer (last winter we had three services a month). The 11 am Family Service on the fourth Sunday remains; since it was introduced at the start of the summer it has resulted in some lively services, with the accent very much on participation by all ages, as well as a variety of content, and the arrangement of a following short communion service for those who want to stay, has proved a happy combination. On the second Sunday of the month we will be alternating Songs - of - Praise and Evensong, one at 4 pm and the other at 6.30 pm. There will be a programme of services on the Village Notice Board as well as on the Churchyard gate

Many of you will know that our services are quite varied with sometimes poetry and readings from literature as well as Bible readings, talks as well as sermons, and also a greater variety of hymns for young and old now that we have our new hymnbooks, as well as other music. Early next year there will be another Taize service with Martin Michell - a really lovely and musical service by candlelight. We are trying to get a rota going to ensure that there are sufficient parishioners at regular services, to which quite often we get visitors. It would be a great help and support to the stalwarts and regulars, whose numbers are getting smaller mainly due to age and access reasons, if other parishioners would volunteer to be at a particular service perhaps once every three months, and then of course things can always be altered if after all you find that you are unable to be at that service; everyone can have special or last minute reasons which may prevent them from attending a particular service, including the regulars, but this would give us a pool of people to call on if necessary. Anyone willing to help in this way please let Bill and Sally Hall know.

By the time this reaches you the re-plastering of the inside east-end wall will have started. Some people have said how much they have liked the natural stone; however unfortunately it is rubble stone which was always meant to be covered, and it has to be re-plastered to preserve it. It will also incidentally save a few of us a weekly clearing up of stone dust and rubble all over the sanctuary floor!

For our Patronal day on Saturday 1st November we are having an All Saints Gift Day in aid of the General Fund, for the general running and upkeep of our church and diocesan and clergy dues and expenses. Our only other sources of income for this at the moment ( as apart from the Repair and Restoration Fund ) are the Church Fete, one or two standing orders, and collections at Services, which of course depend on attendance. Last year we sent out a separate Appeals letter with a good and helpful response. This year on Saturday 1st November some PCC members will be sitting on the Green during the day( hopefully under some cover!) to receive donations. Come and join us in the cups of tea and coffee that will be keeping us going, or send a donation to Pauline Pitts, Hon Treasurer, at Hartswell, Herodsfoot. We intend to finish at 4 pm with a few prayers, for which hopefully Bryan and Joan Barnes may be with us as well as Christopher and/or Gill, after which, at about 4.30 pm there will be tea at the White House for anyone who would like to come, and at the same time, Bryan and Joan's friends will have the chance of a chat with them.


Sat 1st November 10.00 am - 4.OOpm
Gift Day collection on the Green with coffees and teas
- followed by short thanksgiving prayers and tea at the White House 4.30 pm

Tuesday 11th November
Short remembrance Service and Poppy laying at the War Memorial On the Green.

Saturday 22nd November
Coffee morning and Christmas Decorations demonstration with Jane Lamerton in the Church, also Sales Table.

Christmas Eve Wednesday 24th at 6.00 pm Carol service in the Church

Christmas Day at 10.00 am Christmas Service

We are investigating another event and we hope to have Carol Singing around the village before Christmas - very successful last year - date later.

There may be need for another Churchyard Maintenance day - if so hopefully with bonfire and jacket potatoes again - date later.

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