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Herodsfoot News Autumn 06

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How quickly it seems to come round to the next newsletter!

First this time advance news, and most important of all please do your very best to keep All Saints Day free - Wednesday 1st' November, our Patronal and Gift Day - for our 7pm Reception, followed by Evensong - to celebrate the end of All Saints Repair and Restoration programme and to thank all those who have helped us with this. There may still be certain desirable 'cosmetic' work inside not completed - fresh paint for instance - but we will be celebrating at last a really sound, dry and usable building, after basically eight years since the decision was taken, in late 1998, to start fundraising to restore our Church, for the benefit of Herodsfoot in general, instead of allowing it to deteriorate further and soon become unusable.

So much has happened since then, and it has all been achieved in spite of no English Heritage grant, because of All Saints lack of age and 'star' listing, and also only recently becoming eligible for Heritage Lottery help, since the Government changed its requirements about 'deprived areas', which has resulted in a wonderful new roof instead of just a repaired one. Even more recently our glazier, Jim Swingler, has been so inspired by our little Church that, having done a wonderful job on the large east window, and about to restore those in the Nave, he and his colleague have offered to do the smaller chancel windows for us free of charge. Anyone who would like to individually, or partially, sponsor one of the north or south (Nave) windows, for all or part of 300, will have a small acknowledgement at the base of that window; those windows not so sponsored will be acknowledged collectively to the Friends of All Saints.

Please, as many Parishioners and Friends as possible do come to join the celebrations on 1st November, together with Bishop Bill and representatives of those who have helped us through these past eight years. The Church, and churchyard, will need a good 'spring-clean before 15th November - possible dates being Saturday 23rd September and Saturday 7th October, but these will be finalized at the PCC meeting next week, and be put up on the Notice board and the church gate etc and hopefully in the Cornish Times! Do please, as many as possible, come to help us with this as well; it is too much for just 3 or 4 people, and also much more fun with a number of people anyway, with refreshments etc., and on previous occasions we have had a bonfire for jacket potatoes.

However, before that, there is plenty happening, starting with Hymn Singing on the Green, with St Pinnock Band, at 6.30pm on Sunday 3rd September. This year the proceeds will be given to the Band to help take them to the National Championships in Yorkshire. Please, if possible, bring a lightweight chair with you, although there will be some chairs there too. The following week - on Saturday 9th September, there will be the usual second-Saturday-in-September Benefice Sponsored walk from St Pinnock to Morval. Hopefully there will again be some Herodsfoot sponsored walkers, proceeds of their sponsorship to be shared between All Saints and the Cornwall Historic Churches Trust, who have helped us so much over these past years. Forms from Bill and Sally - 01579 320797 - or in the Church. We shall as usual be serving refreshments to the walkers (or cyclists), so again we shall make that morning a Coffee Morning in the Church for anyone who can come and join us, and, as Harvest Festival is the following evening, we shall no doubt be decorating for Harvest that day as well. The Harvest Thanksgiving, at 6.30pm on September 10th will as always be followed by a Faith Harvest Supper and Auction of Produce, which is always great fun as most of you know, and, for both of which, contributions will be very gratefully received.

We hope to have our yearly short Remembrance Service at the Memorial on the Green on 11th November, and also again arrange Christmas Carol Singing around the Village. The Christmas Eve Carol Service will be at 6pm in the Church, and there will be a 9.45am Service on Christmas Morning - more information later. The possibility of an Autumn Choir Concert is being looked at.

The lovely swinging music of Ian, Geoffrey and Jenny, both at the Ram Roast and Fete, more than made up for us not after all being able to have them 'in concert' during the summer, due to their depleted numbers. They were an utter joy at our two recent Summer Events, both of which were equally happy and successful. It was the Village Ram Roast's turn to have bad weather this year, but great ingenuity over shelter, and determination to go ahead, turned it into a very happy evening, for much of which we have as usual to thank the Kastelans, as well as many others; the rain stopped in time for the Duck Race, having produced a much better flow of water in the river than before, and the result was a magnificent 701 being donated to the R and R Fund. The Fete weather was perfect, and it was lovely to have our Priest-in-Charge Richard, and Penny, to open it for us. They have settled so quickly and naturally into our Benefice. The Safer Sax Trio and their music gave the afternoon an even more party atmosphere; everyone worked hard, including many Friends from outside the Parish, and lots of people came, with the stalls and games doing a brisk trade, and we really appreciated the Looe Scouts' help in fetching and carrying. The result was over 900, with a further 70 added so far from sale of surplus goods, by Cathy Gough and Daisy Gardner at a week-end Car Boot Sale. And the Cornish Guardian gave us some really good publicity in their following week's edition!

Sunday 3rd September Hymn Singing on the Green with St Pinnock Band

Saturday 9th September 10am CHCT sponsored walk - also refreshments, coffee morning in the church and harvest decorating.

Sunday 10th September 6.30pm Harvest Festival, supper and auction of produce.

Saturday 23rd September or Saturday 7th October tbc
probably 'spring cleaning' of church and churchyard

Saturday 30th September noon Duloe church celebration of 40th anniversary of ordination of Canon Richard Stranack

Wednesday 1st November 7pm All Saints Day celebratory reception and evensong (instead of our usual patronal gift day on the green)

Saturday 11th November 1045am short remembrance service on the green
Date of carol singing around the village still to be announced.

Sunday 24th December 6pm Christmas Eve Carol Service in the church

Monday 25th December  9.45am Christmas Day Service in the church

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