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Unfortunately the American company that has provided the Herodsfoot Online Guestbook since 1999 ceased trading in February 2010. We hope to soon post a full archive of the previous guestbook comments. Our new Guestbook is here - please let us have your comments.
Name: bubbles (Homepage)
Country: kent ukDate: Sun Oct 31 13:53:52 2004
Comment: last time i saw junket mantioned it was in an enyd blyton book

Name: Teejay
Country: EnglandDate: Sun Oct 31 11:03:09 2004
Comment: Had a lovely relaxing break with Martine and Leighint The Old Zion Chapel earlier this year, can't wait to go back again soon..........

Name: Douglas Lawson
Country: United StatesDate: Fri Sep 3 21:21:28 2004
Comment: Browsing in Herodsfoot. My grandfather came to the U.S. early in the 1900's from Herodsfoot. His name was Edgar Lobb and he was married to Eliza Prin from Doddycross. I visited both villages in 1970, including my late cousin Herbert "Bertie" Lobb, his wife Iris and daughter Janet. Would love to come back some day.......

Name: Les (Homepage)
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Jun 2 17:16:37 2004
Comment: Very interesting site, enjoyed my stay. Would appreciate you signing my guestbook, thank you.

Name: Les (Homepage)
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Jun 2 17:09:07 2004
Comment: Nice site, what more can i say. Would appreciate an entry in my guestbook, thank you.

Name: James Earp
Country: EnglandDate: Tue Dec 2 09:42:39 2003
Comment: I lived in Herodsfoot from 1987-1994 at the address Valonia, 4 Fore st. I lived there with my mam Estelle and brother Gerard. We moved from Manchester to this little hamlet and time stood still there and seems as though it still does looking at your pictures and seeing familiar faces. Great website, Great memories.

Name: Jonas Nightingale
Country: USDate: Fri Nov 28 00:42:46 2003
Comment: Will be visiting herordsfoot sometime during the coming months. Just wanted to say hello in advance.

Name: Jim Andrews
Country: EnglandDate: Thu Aug 21 15:59:11 2003
Comment: I was fostered By Reg and Doreen (deceased) Puckey circa 1958 and lived "up the road" until Doreen was taken ill around 1964. I was confirmed in Herodsfoot church and all of my "happy" childhood memories are encapsulated in that short period. Some may remember me and my sister Christine.

Name: Ann Bray
Country: cornwallDate: Tue Jul 29 22:45:07 2003
Comment: Peter, this is my e-mail address for business, I also have my personel address annbray@carglonnon.co.uk. Lovely evening the other night, thanks. Ann

Name: Bob Meldrum (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Fri Jul 4 20:20:53 2003
Comment: We had the opportunity to live in Herodsfoot from April 25 to May 2, 2003. This time was the best vacation experience I have ever had. Everyone who was so kind to us needs to be thanked. Thanks too for the friendliness of all the locals.
Name: Jayne Guyett (Homepage)  
Country: great britainDate: Tue Apr 8 15:24:32 2003
Comment: I am due to visit Herodsfoot at Easter and I am really looking forward to it.

Name: Brian Dorning (Homepage)  
Country: AustraliaDate: Tue Feb 18 22:50:12 2003
Comment: Herodsfoot looks delightful - must make sure I pay a visit in the summer when I come over!

Name: Heather Roche (Homepage)  
Country: ukDate: Sat Nov 30 17:33:56 2002
Comment: Good to see a small village making an impact on 21st century

Name: FLETCHER (Homepage)  
Country: UKDate: Sun Oct 27 19:15:54 2002
Comment: A unique place

The best food we have had anywhere for a
long time

Name: Dick Greet (Homepage)  
Country: United StatesDate: Wed Aug 21 01:54:34 2002
Comment: My residence is Colorado (US) but grandfather , great grandfather and ohers were from Herodsfoot and Liskeard.

Name: jorg muller (Homepage)  
Country: SWEDENDate: Tue Jun 25 16:12:01 2002
Comment: Nice!

Name: Peter & Jenny Jones (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Thu Jan 10 08:14:25 2002
Comment: Happy New Year to all at Herodsfoot and to those Herodsfooters who are absent at present - Hi Derek!! Thanks for your suggestion to view the site, its excellent and very informative. We particularly liked seeing the pictures comparing the views of the past with the present and seeing how very little has changed.

Name: Jim and Joyce Beard (Homepage)  
Country: USADate: Sun Dec 23 13:47:30 2001
Comment: What a very nice site. We spend many of our holidays in the Herodsfoot area and your site is like a short visit.

Name: Brian & Carol Edwards (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Dec 19 20:30:04 2001
Comment: We would like to wish all in Herodsfoot a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Name: Joe (Homepage)  
Country: CanadaDate: Sat Dec 8 01:08:22 2001
Comment: Great site. Feel free to visit my site to see who I am and what I'm up to! =)

Name: Jim and Joyce Beard (Homepage)  
Country: USADate: Sun Dec 23 13:47:30 2001
Comment: What a very nice site. We spend many of our holidays in the Herodsfoot area and your site is like a short visit.

Name: Brian & Carol Edwards (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Dec 19 20:30:04 2001
Comment: We would like to wish all in Herodsfoot a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Name: Mrs D McLintic (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Mon Oct 29 22:26:47 2001
Comment: My husband and I are looking forward to our holiday on 17 Nov 01. The only thing we are concerned about is whether or not the village has a good pub with a darts team ! See you soon.

Name: john nelson (Homepage)  
Country: englandDate: Mon Oct 29 11:05:43 2001
Comment: i wanted to see some pictures of that there pie with them there fish heads on top.

Name: Kara Pomeroy Sorensen (Homepage)  
Country: USADate: Fri Oct 26 00:59:26 2001
Comment: My grandfather was from Herodsfoot! I have a cousin, Sybil Pomeroy who lives in Liskeard and let me know about this web site. Thanks for having it available! I hope to journey to Herodsfoot some day!

Name: Carl & Lois Robertson (Homepage)  
Country: AustraliaDate: Tue Oct 9 01:43:23 2001
Comment: As a descendent of Henry Blackwell a Blacksmith in the Mines in the 1850's I wish you well in the future and my wife and I have pleasent memories of visiting the area in 1994.
I am at present researching the history of the Blackwell family and your website is helping with background information.

Name: Carol and Brian Edwards (Homepage)  
Country: London, EnglandDate: Tue Sep 25 13:04:30 2001
Comment: We visited Herodsfoot last week and had a lovely time staying in Florence Cottage. How nice to find out more about your beautiful friendly village - it was the first holiday that locals had made us so welcome. We appreciated Harvest Festival too, so welcome after the dreadful events of the previous week. Thank you and good luck with the Church appeal.

Name: Cathy Gough (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Thu Aug 30 02:53:07 2001
Comment: I had to congratulate you on a very interesting and informative web-site. I have lived in Herodsfoot for 20 years and learned more about the village from this site in 20 minutes.

Well done Peter.

Name: Chris (Homepage)  
Country: UK - HerodsfootDate: Wed Aug 1 22:59:30 2001
Comment: hello there,
i would like to say well done on the site.. i only live up the road but thought id offer some support i guess. The advertising is working well.

-chris (16)

Name: Martin Hesp (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Feb 14 09:15:04 2001
Comment: Thanks
Needed some info on village for Western Morning News article....


Name: Martin Hesp (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Feb 14 09:17:35 2001
Comment: Thanks
Needed some info on village for Western Morning News article....

Name: Martin Hesp (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Wed Feb 14 09:15:04 2001
Comment: Thanks
Needed some info on village for Western Morning News article....

Name: Bishop of Truro (Homepage)  
Country: Cornwall!Date: Thu Oct 12 21:26:49 2000
Comment: I very much enjoyed being with you on 1 October. The service and the celebration afterwards struck just the right note, thanksgiving for the past, and commitment to the future. I am very flattered to have my picture on the world wide web

Keep up the good work!

Name: Chris & Christine Hodges (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Mon Aug 7 00:22:15 2000
Comment: Viewed your web site after arriving home at the end of a wonderful holiday at Tresarran. We visited All Saints Church and received a very warm welcome. You have a lovely village and an excellent web site which we will visit often to remind us of our stay.

Name: Keith & Ann Deeley (Homepage)  
Country: Cornwall!Date: Sun Jun 18 21:40:16 2000
Comment: Impressed with Webpage.
Best Wishes for rest of celebrations.
Ann & Keith (St. Peter's Dobwalls)

Name: Paul and Katrina Geraghty (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Tue May 16 22:44:51 2000
Comment: Well done to all those in the village who worked so hard to make the festival such a success. We really enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to reading Sally's book.

Name: Barbara Gardner (Homepage)  
Country: EnglandDate: Mon May 15 09:45:18 2000
Comment: A beautiful and very well constructed web site.

Name: Anne and Derek Harland (Homepage)  
Country: UKDate: Fri May 12 18:50:25 2000
Comment: Well Done super picture of Alfies cottage,see you when we are down in June.
Best wishes from us both

Name: John & Babs Heywood (Homepage)  
Country: LancashireDate: Thu May 11 04:40:37 2000
Comment: A retrospective word to say how much we enjoyed being present for the weekend celebrations. A very pleasant part of our stay at Tressaran Cottages. We hope it was very successfull in raising funds for the Church

Name: Alan Hart (Homepage)
Country: London, nglandDate: Fri May 5 17:02:28 2000
Comment: hello
Enjoyed browsing the site. And seeing Ross Pogson commenting from Australia (I showed him round our collections some years ago!). Herodsfoot specimens of Bournonite and Tetrahedrite are world-class, and Talling was paramount in there preservation, as at they time they were seen as a nuisance being in the way of the ore which occurred below them!!

Alan Hart, Acting Collections Leader, Natural History Museum, London.

Name: Pam Berry
Country: EnglandDate: Mon Apr 10 15:05:48 2000
Comment: Mike (my husband) and I are returning to Herodsfoot this year for the 3rd time. We will be staying at Tressarren Cottages and seeing our friend Jackie and Peter. I have enjoyed looking at your website and found it extremely interesting. I will try to persuade Mike to have a Herodsfoot History tour. See you all at the end of May.

Name: Shirley Williams Carroll
Country: USADate: Thu Apr 6 01:30:53 2000
Comment: A very exciting anniversary for All Saints Church.
One of my grandfather's brothers, Alfred Williams
was baptized at this church. My grandfather, Edward Williams,born in Cornwall emigrated to the USA in 1886 from Durham County where he was living
at that time.

Name: Peter Taylor (Homepage)
Country: Solomon IslandsDate: Fri Mar 31 11:46:16 2000
Comment: Nice to see the Herodsfoot site and guestbook comments from out here in the SW Pacific. 35deg and wet - looking forward to Herodsfoot weather again!

Name: Mark Camp (Homepage)
Country: KernowDate: Wed Mar 29 15:51:33 2000
Comment: Good luck with it all

Name: Alan Richards (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Wed Mar 22 17:11:14 2000
Comment: I came, I saw, I signed.

Name: Ross Pogson (Homepage)
Country: AustraliaDate: Mon Mar 20 22:24:40 2000
Comment: Most interested to see pictures of Herodsfoot,
home of one of my favourite mineral specimens
(bournonite) here in the collection of the
Australian Museum in Sydney, where I am the
Collection Manager for rocks, minerals and meteorites.

Name: Roger & Lorna Bailey
Country: Date: Mon Mar 13 22:40:50 2000
Comment: Excellent!! Keep up the good work. Not so remote now! If you need any volunteers.......


Name: Anne & Harry Bonning
Country: New ZealandDate: Sat Mar 11 22:10:13 2000
Comment: What a magnificent project to get this web site up & running for your 150th anniversary celebrations! We find it most interesting, especially as we have visited Herodsfoot several times, courtesy of Sally & Bill Hall.

Name: Peter (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Fri Mar 10 07:41:20 2000
Comment: Hello, Please use our Guestbook or send us an e-mail with your comments.



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