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Festival Pictures 1

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Here are some pictures taken during the Festival

Point at each picture with your mouse to read the caption. Click on the picture if you would like to see a full size version, then click your browser "Back" button to return here.

If you have pictures of the Festival please let us borrow them so that they can be copied and displayed here.

 entrance-flowers.jpg (23929 bytes)    One of many beautiful floral displays   Signs of success!

 Excellent weather    Rev David     keeping spirits high

ready for business    Welcome to our Festival

The very start of the Festival - Friday Morning    Time to chat

as-is7.jpg (27838 bytes)    as-is-8.jpg (29472 bytes)

As-in-1.jpg (146011 bytes)    Light shines on a pot of gold

As-is-2.jpg (177430 bytes)    The busy sales table

sales2.jpg (29946 bytes)sales3.jpg (28194 bytes)

sally.jpg (18557 bytes)bill.jpg (27087 bytes)

vera.jpg (21451 bytes)    bill-ron.jpg (21713 bytes)   

serious business this fund raising

As-is-5.jpg (180481 bytes)    hand-worked kneelers and Christening Robes   

  The Mining Corner - plans, pictures, mineral exhibits and local knowledge!    mineplan.jpg (19212 bytes)

The Plant Stall        Constant replenishment was necessary

Vera and Ian    can't stop

Ready to feed "the five thousand"    The catering team at work

nice pasty    herbert-winnie.jpg (101595 bytes)

Last few numbers at the Lottery    Check your Raffle Tickets

beatrice.jpg (48530 bytes)    beatrice.jpg (48530 bytes)    

Little wonder the open gardens were popular    Never seen so many people!   

  Reg-6.jpg (241258 bytes)

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